Beginners Course


Anyone who wishes to become a member of an Archery GB affiliated club is required to successfully complete a 12 hour multi-session Beginners Course first and the syllabus takes the applicant through the theory and practical aspects of archery. These 2-3 hour sessions are held at our dedicated archery field at Langney Sports Club and the course is suitable for both adults and children over the age of 8 and is run by a qualified AGB Coach supported by experienced club members. This ‘hands-on’ approach gives almost 1:1 support to participants and greatly assists individuals in gaining the experience to decide whether they wish to continue with the sport.

All archery equipment is supplied for the duration of the course, together with temporary insurance cover against third party liability and you will have the opportunity to shoot with the main types of bow which include Longbow, Recurve, Barebow and Compound. For further details of the Beginners Course fees please use the contact form on our homepage.


Upon satisfactory completion of this course, we prefer that new members delay purchasing their own archery kit immediately afterwards as experience tells us that it can take a few weeks of regular shooting before muscles and body stature stabilise. During this settling-in phase continued free use of Eastbourne Archers club equipment is available whilst advice from our Coaches on the best type of kit to buy is being sought. The average cost of intermediate archery equipment can be in the order of £200 to £300 so it is important to make sound purchasing decisions.

Archery GB encourages the self improvement of beginners by awarding various progress awards in the form of medals and badges as improvement in archery results are achieved and our Records Officer captures scores recorded after each club shoot for this purpose.

We have a varied programme of Imperial and Metric ‘rounds’ that are shot over different distances (both yards and metres) and are designed for archers of all ages and experience levels. Details of these rounds can be found in the pdf document below:-

Outdoor and indoor rounds (pdf 249kb)

Details of our current annual membership fees can be found in the pdf document below:-


Annual Membership Fees 2020-2021 (pdf 127kb)

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