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Awards Evening for 2019 Awards


Indoor fun shoot, December 2019

Fifteen members took part in the Indoor Fun Shoot at Hampden Park on Sunday 15th December. In teams of three, with four arrows each, the aim was to get an arrow in each of nine baubles and also the star at the top of the Christmas tree. An arrow was left in the face if it scored a bauble, so each team had a diminishing number of arrows with which to complete the round as the shoot progressed. Three rounds were shot with a fourth round requiring two arrows in each of six Christmas presents at the bottom of the tree. The winning team was Marilyn, Steve and Del followed closely by Martin, Ewan and Dave C and Diane, Liz and Rene. Much chocolate was distributed to all at the end!


Novice/Intermediate shoot 2019

The weather was perfect for the club's inaugural novice/intermediate shoot on Saturday 24th August. The aim of the tournament is to give archers of second class or below classification an introduction to tournaments, and I was pleased to see several of our new archers come along and compete.

They were shooting long metric 2-5 rounds, dependent on classification and age for our junior archers, and soon settled into the groove of shooting 3 arrow ends in two details, with very little arrow hunting required!!

All in all, a very relaxed shoot, with some memorable attire from Shayla, shooting longbow, who, true to form, managed to shoot the wrong target not once, but twice.

We aim to run this event again, making it an annual event in our fixture list.

Fun WA Clout September 2017

Formerly known as the Les Bishop memorial clout the entry invitations have been widened so others can undergo instruction and coaching in clout archery. This year a number of juniors set club and county records as none previously existed. That does not detract from the scores achieved for those shooting them.


2017 charity presentation

A total of £10000 was presented on behalf of the club membership to three local charities by our new MP, Stephen Lloyd. Here are some images of their representatives having a go at archery.


2016 Christmas fun shoot

A sunny day and well attended. The scoring was done in a fiendish manner so it was impossible to tell how you were doing until Fleur let us know that the person with the lowest score won.


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