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Club events

Eastbourne Archers has a wide ranging Summer programme of Imperial and Metric distance rounds that are shot on Sunday mornings, which is our main club shooting day. These rounds vary in the number of arrows shot, as well as distance, which gives members the opportunity to gain experience and avoids repetition in shooting at the same distance each week. The current Summer programme of rounds can be found in the Excel document below:-


Summer Fixture List - 2020 (PDF 53kb)


In winter we shoot at reduced distances and number of arrows to reflect the sometimes adverse weather conditions that can be experienced at this time of year. In addition, members can also take part in fortnightly indoor shoots which are held in the main hall at Hampden Park Sports Centre on Sunday afternoons from 3.30pm. There is a separate fee for this facility, due to the hire costs of the hall. The outdoor Winter shooting programme and the Indoor shooting schedule details can be found in the Word document below:-


Winter Fixtures List notes (Word 30kb)

Winter Fixtures List 2019-2020 (Word 31kb)


We hold 'fun shoots’ twice a year where the targets faces are exactly that, fun images. Scores can be complicated and prizes are given not for shooting, but in accordance with rules set by the Event Organiser on the day. These shoots are a great way to relax and have some real fun and social interaction with other club members.

Details of Open events hosted by other clubs in Sussex are circulated by our Club Secretary and any member is entitled to enter and attend those competitions for a small entrance fee. This cross-attendance of archers between club competitions helps encourage interest and knowledge of the sport as well as offering great social interaction.

Club record scores for all rounds are maintained by our Records Officer and can be found below:-

Junior Club  Records - 28 February 2020 (Excel 332kb)

Senior Club Records - 28 February 2020 (Excel 302kb)


Entry forms 2020


The following entry forms are for tournaments and matches either held by Eastbourne Archers or have a local interest. It is not all inclusive but will be as complete as possible.

CANCELLED: 4th Fun One Way AGB Single/Double Clout Shoot - Sunday 24th May 2020 - Entry Form (PDF 256kb)


22nd Longbow & Barebow Tournament - Sunday 5th July 2020 - Entry Form (PDF 253kb)

Doreen's 50th Junior Shoot - Saturday 11th July 2020 - Entry Form (PDF 799kb)

Novices - Eastbourne Intermediate Metric Shoot - Sunday 2nd August 2020 - Entry Form (PDF 603kb)

The 16th Lazy Shoot - Wednesday 12th August 2020 - Entry Form (PDF 341kb)

4th Fun One Way WA Single/Double Clout Shoot - Sunday 20th September 2020 - Entry form (PDF 234kb)

Results 2019


The following results are for tournaments and matches either held by Eastbourne Archers or have a local interest. It is not all inclusive but will be as complete as possible.


Trophy Winners for 2019 Awards Evening (Word 120kb)

3rd One Way Metric Clout - Sunday 22nd September 2019 - Results (Word 179kb) 

Club Championships 2019 - Sunday 1st September 2019 - Results (Word 296kb)

Golden Oldie's Shoot 2019 - Monday 26th August 2019 - Results (Word 35kb)

1st Intermediate Metric Shoot - Saturday 24th August 2019 - Results (Word 383kb)

Eastbourne UK and Rose Status Shoot - Sunday 4th August 2019 - Results (Excel 81kb)

21st Longbow/Barebow Western - Sunday 7th July 2019 - Results (Word 173kb)

2nd Fun One Way GNAS Double/Single Clout Shoot - Sunday 26th May 2019 - Results (Word 217kb)

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